Repair of a soft Best Roof Restoration in winter is prohibited

Repair of a soft Best Roof Restoration in winter is prohibited

September 10, 2020 0 By jwebmin

Soft Roof Restoration: is it possible to repair in winter according

Roof leaks are always a big nuisance for home owners. Soft roofing is a roll material that is mainly used on flat Roof Restoration of private buildings or garages. First of all, its purpose is to provide waterproofing.

The most common defects and their causes

Repair of a soft roof in winter is most often necessary due to improper cleaning of the roof restoration from snow. Most often, such a coating is used on roofs without slopes, from which layers of snow and ice must be removed manually. It is easy to damage the roofing material when cleaning with a shovel or other tool. Also, defects appear during normal operation (when the material is worn out) and due to errors in the installation of the roof.

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The most common defects are: mechanical damage; the appearance of bumps on the surface of the material; cracks; peeling tiles or cloths; damage by plants, moss or fungi; in place of previously laid patches. Most often, in winter, leaks can be seen during periods of thaw, when the snow partially melts.  

Is it possible to carry out repairs according to The current for soft roofs was developed back in 1979. According to him, it is impossible to carry out installation and overhaul of soft roofing in winter. The fact is that for a full-fledged repair it is necessary to completely dismantle the old roof, dry the roof restoration and only then start laying the new material.

At the time when the rules for conducting construction work were approved, there were still no technologies, tools and materials that the current craftsmen have. Therefore, the work was recognized as inappropriate and not in accordance with the standards. Until recently, due to the dismantling of the coating, there was a high risk of flooding the building, which is unacceptable.  

For almost 40 years after the adoption of , technologies have made significant strides forward. Now, in winter, homeowners have the opportunity to invite a specialized company that will install new roofing material without dismantling the old coating. It is allowed to carry out such work only at temperatures of -15 degrees and above, since in other conditions the material will not lie as expected.

To carry out work in the cold season, rather expensive rolls of PVC membrane are used, since it is impractical to use mastic during a major overhaul at sub-zero temperatures. Before work, rolls of material should be stored in a dry room, at a temperature of 15 to 20 degrees above zero. Craftsmen take them out gradually in the amount that is enough for styling in one hour. Fix the PVC membrane to the roof restoration using the overlay method.

Overhaul with the use of the latest materials is quite complicated from a technological point of view, so it is worth involving professionals in it. Small repair technology You can independently carry out only a small repair of the soft roof restoration in winter. To do this, you need to locate the damaged area. It needs to be cleared of snow and debris. In places of defects, you can see cracks, swelling and discharge of the roofing material.

Soft roof repair Repair of soft roofs in winter Experts recommend checking the roof Restoration every 2-3 years for swelling and cracks, and not waiting for moisture to seep into the room. It is not difficult to repair a soft garage roof with your own hands, since this structure is small in size. But on other buildings, these works will not take much time and effort, especially when it comes to current repairs. In general, roll roofs are considered the easiest to install. They do not require any special equipment or skill to lay them. ROOFING MATERIAL DEVICE As mentioned above, before starting work, you should determine the extent of damage.

How it’s done? We must go up to the roof restoration and examine the cover. What to search? ROOFING MATERIAL DEVICE As mentioned above, before starting work, you should determine the extent of damage. How it’s done? We must go up to the roof and examine the cover.

What to search? Visible delamination may occur in the areas of overlap and joint of panels; There may be visible depressions and pits on the roof restoration surface that can retain water; In places where water stagnates, it should be examined for material decay, the appearance of moss or fungus; Swellings on the surface of the roofing indicate that moisture has penetrated in this place; The presence of visible mechanical damage, abrasion, cracks, breaks.

What does it include? Repair of soft roofs in winter is prohibited To draw up an estimate, it is not necessary to call a specialist, you can do it yourself. But if you are not confident in your abilities, then of course you should contact the appropriate.